Tony Naqvi
Experience Design


I’m Tony, a designer, mentor, and public speaker.
When I’m not out roaming the hills, exploring the valleys, or camping in the woods of the Derbyshire Dales in England, I spend my time designing awesome brands, products and spaces.

Oh, and I cook.



Tony's exceptional talent and attention to detail played a pivotal role in shaping our brand's identity, capturing its essence perfectly.

His dedication and professionalism throughout the process were commendable, and his guidance ensured a smooth and successful project from start to launch.

I am truly grateful for Tony's outstanding work and look forward to future collaborations.

Princess Nourah Al Faisal

Founder - Adhlal

Tony completed a full brand and product design for our ground-breaking new metabolic health & wellbeing programme, Miboko.

His work is outstanding, and has played a vital role in making Miboko a successful mass market consumer healthcare application.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Tony - he is a pleasure to work with, and you can always rely on him to get the job done, exceptionally well.

Dr. Faz Chowdhury

Founder & CEO - Nemaura Medical

I was impressed with Tony's ability to deliver consistently high quality work.

I have come to trust his expertise and guidance, and appreciate his commitment to excellence in every project. His ability to pick out details and insights most designers miss is refreshing, as is his flair for the distinctive and unconventional.

I highly recommend Tony for his top-notch skill and professionalism.

Brandie Janow

Founder - Kingdom Creatives

We chose Tony to undertake our critical brand design because of the clear advantage in brand strategy he has (and his ability to turn that into a meaningful and impacting visual identity) over many others.

He showed a far more advanced way of thinking and creativity that elevated our brand by a markable margin. With his immense and intimate market knowledge, he was able to take us in a direction we could never have imagined.

Makki Al Kurdi

Managing Director - The Edge

Tony and his work exceeds all expectations.
From the cohesive design system, digital applications, to the interior and exterior design, his exceptional creativity and attention to detail has resulted in a visually stunning and memorable brand for our academy.

Tony has skilfully crafted a unique brand experience, and has undoubtedly played a significant role in our success. We are grateful for his expertise and could not recommend him highly enough.

Reinhardt Strijdom

CEO - Wave Swim Academy


Here’s a selection of some of my best work. Some have won awards, others (sadly) not, but either way, they’re all projects i’m immensely proud of, and demonstrate I’m pretty darned good at what I do.

Fair warning though, this is probably not like most other portfolios you will have seen.
Honestly, it’s actually less of a portfolio and more of a collection of stories about my design career. It does have lots of pretty pictures though…


I’ve been designing for a long time (more than 20 years), working across pretty much the entire spectrum of design disciplines, although these days I tend to focus on brand, product, and experience design (still quite broad in scope).

I tend to look at things far more holistically and on a more macro-level than other designers; I qualify and quantify every design decision I make.

I take a very empathetic approach to my work – I’m interested in people; their circumstances, habits and behaviours, challenges, likes and dislikes – viewing the world through their eyes provides the insights and chemistry that makes my work more meaningful and genuine.

I’m also not ‘edgy’, daring, or ‘disruptive’. I’m not into trends, and I certainly don’t post-rationalise. But I am purposeful, objective, inventive, and exceedingly good at what I do.

Preach and teach

I talk. A lot. About design I mean. Thankfully it turns out that's a good thing because there are actually people that are willing (and pay!) to listen. So if allowed to participate, you can sometimes find me speaking at various design-related gatherings, conferences, and exhibitions around the world.

I mentor and teach new and amateur designers a thing or two (drawing on my extensive experience), most of which is related to behaviour, temperament, and judgement - basically the things they won''t find on Youtube, but that are essential to a successful career in design.

I also conduct internal workshops for businesses, guiding and mentoring in-house design teams, as well as organisational-wide seminars that promote the value and effectiveness of design as an integrated business practise.

Family guy

I'm a family man, so when not in my studio me, my wife, and my young son spend lots of time doing... family stuff together. We love to travel (my work has taken us all around the world), enjoy nature, are all voracious readers, and delight in eating locally grown and produced food - I have a passion for cooking that's rivals my obsession with design.

We live in a small, picturesque village in a spectacular part of the English countryside, tucked nicely away from the hubbub of a city, so I get to enjoy peace and tranquility and benefit from a healthy life/work balance. And being surrounded by local artisans and small, boutique businesses also helps provide inspiration and originality to my work.

Tools of my trade

And lastly, for those that absolutely have to know, I work predominantly on a Mac (I'm fully Windows literate too, but prefer my Mac over my PC), with the obligatory Adobe CC collection, plus Autodesk SoftImage (still going strong with that), a bit of Maya (I'm currently teaching myself Blender to wean myself off of the Autodesk combo), a touch of Microsoft, with Figma, WebFlow, InVision throw in to tick UX/UI boxes, and a couple of other custom programs you'll never have heard of but help me stay on top of my work.

In addition to my computers, my studio also houses a 3D printer (a must for any modern industrial designer), colour calibrated over-sized printer, and various other tools and bits and bobs that help me build prototypes, create artwork, make furniture, and generally have loads of fun making stuff.

End of

So to summarise, I'm a great designer with bucket loads of experience, working across design disciplines doing amazing work for local and global organisations, living out in the sticks, playing in my man-cave of digital and mechanical toys, dreaming up new and interesting things that help companies solve complex business challenges in ways that create an exciting and lasting experience for their customers.

And when i'm not doing that I'm telling design students how to be better, and anyone else that will listen how they can do better. Or hiking up a mountain.

And that's all I have to say about that.



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